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Safety Officer

Person In Safety Gear On Construction Site

Job Roles:

  • Compile safety programs. Responsible for the implementation of the Company’s Health and Safety programs to ensure compliance with safety regulations (Occupational Safety and Health Standards) and to preserve health and safety of the workers.

  • Practice safe working techniques. Closely monitors worker compliance and accident statistics and implements corrections as needed. Implement and maintain health and safety standards. Standardize health and safety in order to remain consistent.

  • Evaluate site processes and equipment to determine controls needed to keep workers safe. Safety measures may include engineering controls, such as barriers or ventilation, personal protective gear, or special procedures.

Regulatory Pharmacist

Job Roles:

  • Coordinate with the technical committees, making sure that SOP’s and regulatory guidelines are being followed and implemented and executed accordingly.

  • Acts as technical point person on regulatory concerns, guidelines and procedures pertaining to cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, etc., issued and carried out by PDEA, DENR, Tariff Commission, etc.

  • Conduct internal audit to verify and check implementation of the company’s departmental SOP’s.

  • Maintain the documents/product dossiers (re: LTO, CPR and Product Notification). Keep on track with the near expiry licenses and prepare documents for renewal.

  • Attend seminar (CCIP/FDA seminars and other seminar related to business) as necessary to be updated on the latest rules, regulations and practice.

regulatory pharmacist.jpg

HR Assistant


Job Roles:

  • Responsible for the Compensation and Benefits task.

  • Responsible for Timekeeping.

  • Responsible for end to end process of Recruitment (Job Positing - Hiring)

  • Provides payroll information by collecting time and attendance records.

  • Submits employee data reports by assembling, preparing, and analyzing data.

  • Maintains employee information by entering and updating employment and status-change data.

  • Provides admin support by entering, formatting, and printing information.

  • Strictly implements Company's Policies and Regulations.

  • Prepares inter-office memorandums.

  • Responsible for HR Documentation Management.

  • Can work in a very fast paced and dynamic work environment

  • Willing to do related field work.